A wedding planner business from Chesterfield, Derbyshire, has ceased trading because of insolvency, owing money to those who paid in advance for its services and sparking anger over a failure to return deposits of in the region of £1,500 or more and the lack of notice.

Frilys Boutique claimed to be the “UK’s largest wedding multi-vendor, providing venue dressing, photography and cakes. However, the business stopped trading because of insolvency on 24 September and said it offers “sincerest apologies” to customers.

However, customers have said they are unable to reach the business via phone and that its Facebook page has been closed down. The business said the reason for the failure was “strictly financial”.

A range of reviews are now appearing with one on Trustpilot stating: “Disgusting, people like us luckily just paid deposits and we can afford to recover. You gave no warning and must have known about this for months. Congratulations on creating hell for so many people. I hope you don’t intend to create a new company!”

Another comment said: “Do not use. Company has gone bankrupt and only notified us the day before my brother’s wedding. We have all been scrambling around to find cake, photographer, venue decorations, etc. with less than a day to go.”

A third added: “They are in liquidation and thousands of customers left without services even though fully paid. No correspondence from the company at all.”

Others accused the business of continuing to take money right up until 24 September and failing to repay money taken for deposits. Original guidance on the website had simply directed customers to the government guidance on insolvency.