A former company director with a seven year disqualification from running a business has now been sentenced in court for failing to keep proper records.

John Hanbury, 63, from Shipley, West Yorkshire, was sentenced recently in Bradford Crown Court to eight months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months and given 150 hours of community service.

Hanbury was disqualified as a director in 2018 and had previously been convicted of drug offences in 2015. He was director of Crownsbury Ltd, a payroll processing bureau. An investigation by the Insolvency Service found he had failed to keep proper records and it was not possible to trace where some large payments had come from – including one for £520,000 – and of the relationship with a connected company of which Hanbury was also a director. 

Earlier, Hanbury had been found guilty of assisting in the supply of controlled drugs and he received a suspended sentence for this.

His director disqualification runs to 2025 and means he cannot, directly or indirectly, be involved in the promotion, formation, or management of a company without the permission of the court.

Julie Barnes, chief investigator at the Insolvency Service, said: “Company directors must fulfil their legal obligations and John Hanbury totally reneged on his responsibilities.

“John Hanbury’s sentence clearly demonstrates that if rogue directors fail in their duties, they will be investigated by the Insolvency Service and could lose the privilege of limited liability trading or ultimately risk facing a criminal prosecution.”