The Importance of Online Marketing for Businesses

The importance of online marketing continues to grows as the world is radically changed by the internet.

Can you improve your attitude on the internet?

Yes, you can! There are lots of motivation videos from the man himself Richard Branson and Tony Robbins who we highly recommend.

You can get access to online tutors and motivational speakers; knowledge banks of every kind and most of it will be absolutely free. Of course, none of this will matter if you are one of the 40% of UK businesses who still do not have a website, or simply do not access new media to get to new customers. Clearly, you are not one of these people, otherwise you would not be reading this article right now.Whilst we do not live in a 100% digital age, retail spend on the internet is massive. There are lots of media studies that confirm that the online spend in 2013 was £91billion which accounts for almost 21% of the total retail spend. More amazingly, the internet advertising spend was up by 16.3% whilst almost all other media spend was down. The message is clear – to survive and grow in today’s business world, you must be internet savvy.

If you are not using the internet to increase sales then you are limiting your growth prospects.

In the last week alone, we have had two different company directors contact us seeking help, who were not using the internet to attract sales. On both occasions they had websites which were not necessarily bad sites, but they were rarely visited, unless pointed to by the directors who wanted to show stock. Both were suffering as the ‘high street’ footfall had fallen and sales were hard to come by. When asked why they weren’t using the internet to get more sales, they said they hadn’t had much from it in the past. They simply had no idea how to use the website. They both thought that by creating a website alone this would be enough to attract more business and they would just wait for an online passer-by to stop-in.The retail model in both cases had simply changed and the business owners had not recognised this fact.

If this is you then read up on SEO and Adwords and the potential impact on your business.

You must keep pace with changes going on all around you to stay ahead and improve your sales simply standing still is not enough. If you are standing still in business growth terms, then the fact is that you are actually going backwards and you must identify the reason why. You may not have changed; your staff and stock may not have changed, but the buying behaviour may well have and without constant attention and forethought these types of changes can go unnoticed. If you are selling from the high street then you may need to adjust your retail model.We discussed some simple ideas of how they could grow their business and attract more people to their sites naturally and paying for the people to visit the site. This means they need to start assessing their cost per acquisition and ensuring they made a profit, but if they attracted more online visitors to their website they at least stood a chance of survival. You have to ensure you are getting your slice of the market and if you don’t know what to do, find someone who does know what they are doing and copy them. We get lots of our competitors who watch everything we do including reading this Blogg, but we don’t mind as we see it as a compliment.

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