Rule 2.27 of the Insolvency Rules 1986 states clearly the Administrator’s responsibility to advertise his or her appointment in the London Gazette. That notice will state:

(a)  the name of the business going into administration.

(b)  the registered company office address.

(c)  the principal trading address.

(d)  the date of the administrator’s appointment.

(e)  the name, company address and contact details of the administrator’s firm.

Publishing Insolvency Information

The process of advertising insolvencies is known as ‘Gazetting’, since the information is published in the London Gazette, one of the government’s journals of official public record. As the UK’s oldest surviving newspaper, the Gazette announces other salient information such as army commissions, but over the years the term ‘gazetted’ has become synonymous with having official notice of one’s insolvency published.


It is the Insolvency Practitioner’s responsibility to advertise the Administration. He/she will usually do so via the Gazette website these days, although post or fax are still used by some. The notice is then published on as well in printed editions for subscribers.