With Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond opening to rave reviews this week, the UK cinema sector is hoping visitors will see the film in record numbers.

In total, with a decline of 132,072,886 admissions in 2020, the British cinema industry was amongst the worst industries hit by COVID-19. The UK Cinema Association reported a box office decline of 955.1 million GBP in 2020 with most cinemas closed for months on end, resulting in the lowest annual admissions ever recorded.

This means every UK adult will need to watch No Time to Die twice to restore the sector’s fortunes.

How COVID-19 Hit the UK Cinema Sector?

  • 75% decline in admissions from 2019
  • The UK’s biggest chain Cineworld reported a $3bn (£2.17bn) loss last year.
  • Rechnology research firm Omdia forecas that the annual UK box office will not match 2019’s £1.25bn mark until 2023.
  • Subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video soared by 50%


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