COVID has precipitated the greatest change in British working habits since World War II. So it’s hardly surprising more than 2/3 of adults are reporting concerns about the effects COVID is having on their life and mental health.

As of summer 2021, offices are re-opening. We’re re-entering the workplace to find it radically changed, perhaps forever.

The new normal means social distancing, desk booking systems, and hybrid working is standard for almost everyone. It means mask wearing, no food sharing or physical contact, but above all a sense of trauma within the workforce, of having lived through something significant and not fully processed.

Here at Company Debt, we deal with a lot of directors who are facing some very challenging events bought on by the financial stresses of COVID. Running a business is a demanding task at the best of times but, post COVID, companies are facing a brave new world. We hope the following poster is something you can print and share within your workplace, to put a smile on your teams’ faces, and raise awareness that we’re all in this together.

By promoting awareness around mental health in the workplace, especially at a time like this, we can change the way we’re interacting for the better, and make sure no one suffers in silence.

Useful Mental Health Resources