As one of the largest businesses in the UK, HMRC obviously needs an organised way of keeping track of its customers. One of the principal ways it does that is via Unique Taxpayer Reference numbers, which is a 10-digit number issued to those who have registered for Self-Assessment or as a Company. This enables them to identify the individual or limited company from their database.

Where can you find your UTR?

Any document sent to you from HMRC will likely have this printed on there, usually next to the headings ‘Tax Reference’, ‘UTR’ or ‘Official Use. It will certainly be mentioned if you have received the document known as ‘Notice to Deliver a Company Tax Return.

Do I need to register for a UTR after forming a company?

Once you register your company with Companies House, automatic notification to HMRC occurs, so there is no need for you to contact them with this information. You’ll be sent a letter, to your registered company address with your UTR reference which they may refer to as a ‘corporation tax reference’ on this letter.

What information does HMRC require after sending the UTR

Once your company is ‘active’ for trading, HMRC needs to know. If you’ve started trading, you have a three-month window to inform HMRC. The best way to do this is online via their online registration services portal.

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