The past 20 years has seen the internet transform from a novelty to the default means of doing business for many industries.

This hasn’t been good news for everyone. Many businesses have gone under, unable to adapt to a brave new world whether algorithms and two-dimensional store-fronts replace bricks and mortar.

Technological Disruption is a Part of Any Business Cycle

There have certainly be some notable business failures over the last few decades. Some of these companies simply failed to move with the times, while others were outdated by a cultural shift they could never have beaten.

In the medium term, the very fabric of our high streets is going to change dramatically, with the recent spate of high-profile store closures testament to a shift in our habits, values and preferences.

It’s important to remember, however, that disruption is not in itself a crisis but a necessary part of the cycle. After disruption comes evolution, and then a complete re-imagination of the old landscape.

We have created this infographic which tells the story of how 5 industries adapted to the internet invasion and how they were changed forever.

Click on the image to view the infographic.