Company Closure News

Construction Companies Compulsory Liquidation

A series of sham construction companies with reported sales of £50million and assets of £8.4million have been forced into compulsory liquidation by the High Court. Rather than legitimate companies, an Insolvency Service investigation found the 15 organisations were nothing but…

Company in Liquidation After Exploiting Older People

Following his company liquidation Phillip Christopher Twose, the 62 year old director of Newlook Roof Coatings Limited, has been disqualified from working as a company director for 12 years after using coercive and misleading sales practices to target vulnerable people….

Compulsory liquidation closes Legal Advisory Company

Legal Support and Assistance Limited, a Tunbridge Wells-based company that provided advice, often related to insolvency matters, has been wound up and ordered into compulsory liquidation by the High Court on public interest grounds. The company has been wound up…