Sacha Orso Manzonetta, GHM Group of companies

The Company Debt team have been the most incredible and professional people that I have dealt with. It all happened after a night out when I found a Personal Liabity Notice on my door step, I was devastated my business had major financial problems, I lost millions and I drained all my money, and frankly my mind was all over the place for debts and collectors that I simply couldn’t face. It really felt like there was no way out and I was basically a finished man.

Having paid lawyers, accountants and other organisations to help me, there was nothing they could do, nobody was willing to help and, out of desperation I called and left a message at about 1am.

Out of my surprise I have received a phone call back the next morning, I was doubtful as many have taken my money and said goodbye, but this time  it was different, Company Debt not only helped me to talk to the toughest HMRC department but also refereed me to a number of professionals who have helped me and contribute to sort out my situation, the best thing was that they were there for me, answering every text or phone call, support you and of course dealing with the problem and when you are in the situation that I was believe me the only thing you want is people who still see the good in you, I tried again and in one month I have rebuild my business because my confidence was back.

I cannot thank enough Company Debt and all the people who helped me.

A reference is not enough to express my satisfaction the only thing I would say is:

100% best service ever

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