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This site is provided for UK directors and business owners seeking help and advice in insolvent situations and having cash-flow management questions. We try to provide a more user friendly experience by using cookies to better understand the needs of our users.

This is common practice in most online businesses and by accessing this website you agree to adhere to the simple guidelines. They are: If you are visiting the Company Debt site seeking help for a genuine UK limited company or business, we welcome the opportunity to help you and using our information to your benefit. However, we also protect this site against visits from fraudulent and virus attacks. We therefore reserve the right to ban anyone after clear misuse of the site for the benefit of those directors and business owners that are legitimately seeking help, who do not have a malicious agenda. We will also take vigorous legal action against those being proven to have visited the Company Debt site, or any of our websites for fraudulent and, or malicious purposes.
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