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“… We understand how difficult it is to find someone you can trust on the internet. Remember you can speak to past clients at any time if it helps…”  – Mike Smith, Managing Director

CompanyDebt.com is one of the largest online insolvency knowledge hubs in the UK. Company Debt Ltd is one of the UK’s leading company turnaround and rescue practices. We provide services for large, medium and small businesses and are a leading knowledge source for accountants, the media and other professional advisers.

Founded in 2007 by the Managing Director, Mike Smith, the company quickly established itself and has grown remarkably fast by using the latest technology to ensure that we can communicate with our clients efficiently and effectively, whilst providing them with the best quality of services, advice and support. We have many testimonials written by directors from all walks of life that we feel honoured to have been able to help.

Company Debt specialises in advising and helping directors as well as businesses in distress, quickly and effectively. We assess each situation individually to provide tailored advice. We want to learn more about you and your company, provide support as soon as possible and to achieve the objectives outlined so that we can help ease some of the negative stress associated with being in a difficult situation. We have a variety of solutions available to address specific challenges that are brought to us and they can include, Company Voluntary Arrangements, Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations, Pre-Packaged Administrations and negotiations.

Company Debt Ltd were the first real innovators in the provision of online insolvency services.  Our costs are often 25% to 35% lower than our competitors, directly because of the way we work. We are not hampered by huge infrastructure costs, so this helps us to provide the very best quality of services to our clients, at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on addressing every client and case individually and delicately and we offer a free consultation, either face-to-face or over the phone and all advice is completely confidential. We cater to all sectors and all sizes. Whether you are a one-person company or a large multi-national firm, we provide hands-on help and advice where it’s needed. We always commit to providing you with a cost-effective range of tailored solutions for your specific circumstances. We act swiftly and safely, as we understand that time can sometimes be a factor for some of our clients.

Whatever challenging situation that your company may be in, we can bring real help sooner. Contact us to speak with a company turnaround expert today.

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