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We are experienced, licensed insolvency experts who provide real support to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK.

Our core focuses are business recovery and turnaround, managing any risks to your company and where necessary, business closures.

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Licensed & Accredited Insolvency Practitioners

All of our Insolvency Practitioners are fully authorised and regulated individuals and are qualified and licensed to advise on corporate insolvency.

If your company is insolvent, our specialists can help you carefully assess all of the available options. We can help address business debt, business rescue and restructuring; winding up and insolvency advice. We also deal with solvent business closures and administrations.

Why Choose Company Debt

We are Insolvency Practitioners and liquidators, however, we also have a team of small business advice specialists who will always look at ways to help you manage your business’ financial and debt-related issues, avoid business closure and find ways to limit your risks as a director.

With offices in North London, our team can discuss your business solvency challenges via an online meeting, or we can visit your premises. Company Debt supports businesses throughout the UK with hands-on insolvency and restructuring advice.

We are practical, approachable and affordable.

  • Specialists in Advising Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • We always look at any way to rescue or turnaround your business
  • Highly Experienced Team of Insolvency Experts
  • Specialised in negotiating with HMRC and creditors
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We Can Help With

Our core expertise is helping limited company directors with creditor pressure (often HMRC), cash-flow problems and debt-related issues.

We offer practical, efficient methods of tackling debts via liquidation, administration, and other business rescue arrangements.

  • Company liquidation & closure
  • VAT Arrears
  • HMRC Tax Problems
  • Debt problems
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Bailiffs
  • Corporation Tax
  • Business Rescue & Recovery

We Help Small & Medium Businesses Just Like You

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