In the UK, several reputable debt charities offer free, confidential advice and practical solutions to help people regain control of their finances. This article introduces the leading debt charities in the country, highlighting their services and how they can assist those in need of guidance to navigate their way out of debt.


Whether negotiating with creditors, setting up manageable repayment plans, or simply offering a listening ear, these organisations are equipped to support individuals at every step of their journey towards financial stability.

This guide from Company Debt focuses on who you can contact if you need free guidance. We support thousands of UK directors with company closure and business liquidation.

It aims to be the most comprehensive resource of its type and is updated frequently.

The Top Debt Charities in the UK

Citizen’s Advice

Founded in 1935, Citizen’s Advice is a national charity supported by 20,000 trained volunteers who provide a range of consumer advice services, including for debt.

Guidance is available face-to-face, phone, and online chat.

Citizen’s Advice are a well established and well run organisation whose support spans a variety of areas beyond debt, including legal, consumer and housing.They are free, confidential, impartial and independent.

Call their Adviceline (England) on 0800 144 8848

Advicelink (Wales) – 0800 7002 2020

Visit the Citizens Advice Website

Debt Advice Foundation

A national debt advice charity offering free and confidential support for individuals to those worried about loans, credit, and debt.

Their philosophy is the prevention and cure of unmanageable consumer debt.

Their free telephone debt counselling service helps over 10,000 people every year.

Last year, DAF helped callers deal with over £30 million in unsecured debt. The average unsecured caller debt was £17,501. Credit cards accounted for the highest proportion of debt (38%).

Call their helpline on 0800 043 4050

Debt Support Trust

A money advice charity that offers information and not for profit advisers to provide guidance on debt solutions.

Their mission is: “To support people in managing their debt problems by offering debt advice today, whilst finding solutions to minimise severe personal debt problems in the future.”

They can assist with credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, store cards, car finance, overpayment of benefits and many others.

Call their Helpline on 0800 085 0226.

Visit the Debt Support Trust Website

Money Advice Trust

A national charity that helps people tackle their debts and better manage money. It oversees the National Debtline and Business Debtline so if you enquire through them you will be directed accordingly.

 In 2020, Money Advice Trust’ advisers provided help to over 160,000 people, and their advice websites had 1.9 million visits.

Read their How to Deal with Debt Guide here

Visit the Money Advice Trust Website

Money Helper

Provided by the Work & Pensions Service, Money Helper is an online advice service that includes guidance on debt-related problems.

It brings together the support and services of three government-backed financial guidance providers: Money Advice Service, The Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise.

Open to everyone, MoneyHelper is focusses on helping people clear their debts, reduce spending and make the most of their income. To support loved ones, plan ahead for major purchases and find out about entitlements. To build up savings and pensions, and know their options. 

Visit Money Helper Website

National Debtline

Provides free and independent advice to people with debt.

Their website offers guides, useful fact sheets, budgeting tools and sample letters to help you write to your creditors.

You can also get debt advice by using their webchat service, emailing them or by calling the helpline. They commit to:

  • to provide expert debt advisers who are supportive and trained to a high standard;
  • to stay committed to providing free, impartial and confidential debt advice;
  • to talk you through the debt advice options that are right for you;
  • to keep all of your personal information confidential; and
  • not to pass your details on to any other organisation without your permission.

Call National Debtline Helpline – 0808 808 4000

Visit National Debtline Website


This is not a charity, but it provides services free of charge to users, and these include Debt Management Plans.

Helpline – 0800 280 2816

Visit PayPlan Website


Helps people deal with their debt problems, based on a confidential assessment of their situation and offers a range of solutions aimed at individuals.

Webchat and helpline – 0800 138 1111

Visit StepChange Website

The Money Charity

The UK’s Financial Capability charity – provides education, information, and guidance to people including on managing money. Services are provided through support to others, such as in education and communities. Information on debt is also available on the website.

Visit The Money Charity Website

Breathing Space

Breathing Space is also known as the Debt Respite Scheme and is aimed at those with more serious debt problems such as rent, mortgage arrears, and debts such as payday loans, other borrowings, and gas and electricity arrears. The scheme freezes payment demands and legal action while the individual takes free debt advice and can last for a standard 60-day break or another agreed period if there is a mental health crisis. 

There are a number of conditions and referral to the scheme must be made either by a charity as with Step Change, Citizens Advice or National Debtline, or a mental health professional.

Visit Breathing Space Website

Community Money Advice

Community Money Advice (CMA) is a national charity who’s centres help thousands of people, from all walks of life, escape from the blight of indebtedness by providing free, unconditional, fully confidential advice and practical support.

Their fully trained Debt Advisers and Money Mentors offer advice specific to each client’s needs and they give as much time and support as required, in order to help the client become debt free, whilst working towards financial stability. During the advice process, clients will also be taught budgeting and money management skills, to ensure they have control over their finances, enabling them to remain debt free in the future.

Visit Community Money Advice Website

Northern Ireland

Advice NI

An independent advice network that provides guidance on personal and business debt in addition to factsheets on debt and money management tools.

Helpline – 0800 915 4604

Visit Advice NI Website


Accountant in Bankruptcy

Accountant in Bankruptcy administers personal bankruptcy and records corporate insolvencies in Scotland. It also has information on how to deal with debt.

Visit AIB Website