Banana Kick Ltd, which set up a free-of-charge tourist attraction, Leeds Jurassic Trail, is now in administration, with the loss of 16 jobs.

The business, which featured large animatronic dinosaurs and also had an interactive app, has blamed the pandemic for its downfall, with fewer being willing to attend events. To date, no buyer has been found, although various assets are for sale including the dinosaur models. These were life-size, had moving parts, and made sounds, as well as being were custom made. Visitors could collect a trail map from participating venue and have it stamped at each dinosaur on the trail, which could then be uploaded to the Leeds Jurassic Trail Facebook or Instagram for an opportunity to win prizes.

The trail was opened for a second time from 24 July to 12 September and allowed visitors to hunt out the 13 dinosaurs, spread out across Leeds and there was also a Jurassic-themed shop, which offered a paid-for T-Rex ride. At the time of the launch, city officials claimed it was part of the city’s efforts to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

A range of partners supported the attraction including Child-Friendly Leeds, Leeds City Council, Leeds Corn Exchange, Leeds Kirkgate Market, Leeds Station, Merrion Centre, St Johns Centre, The Core, The Light, Trinity Kitchen, Trinity Leeds, and Victoria Leeds.

Directors of Banana Kick were listed as Gary McCall, Jamie Ferguson, Richard Flaherty, and Nicholas Goring.