Employers wanting to keep abreast of their requirements should be careful to pay PAYE bills by the following strict HMRC deadlines:

(a)  For monthly payments, the deadline is the 22nd of each month

(b)  For companies that pay quarterly, the deadline is the next 22nd after the end of the quarter. For example 22nd July would be the deadline for 6th April to 5th July quarter.

The deadline of the 22nd assumes the companies are paying electronically. When sending a cheque through the post an earlier deadline of the 19th applies.

HMRC’s official employee guidelines for PAYE can be read here

Late Payment Penalties will Occur if the Deadline is not met

HMRC has strict regulations concerning timely payment of PAYE. Any PAYE amount not paid in full, or on time, will incur late payment penalties. If your company is struggling to meet its PAYE obligations, this may be a symptom of a larger problem and possibly an early warning sign for insolvency. We offer a free, confidential telephone consultation to any business wishing to better understand a situation regarding late payment of tax to HMRC.

For free confidential advice on tax problems, such as missed late corporation tax payments, issues paying late vat arrears and PAYE contact us on 0800 074 6757.