What Statutory Forms are used in a Voluntary Liquidation?

Whatever angle you’re approaching a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation from, whether you’re a company director or a creditor, you will come into contact with some official forms. This is our guide to the forms used in a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, from the Statement of Affairs to the liquidator’s progress report.

4.18 & 4.19 – Statement of Affairs Form

This document is prepared by the liquidator and presented by the company directors at the creditors’ or shareholders’ meeting. It gives details of the company’s assets and liabilities and outlines the company’s financial position, including the amount owed to each creditor and a realisable value of the company’s assets. Failure of the company directors to provide a Statement of Affairs during a CVL could lead to a fine and will negatively affect the liquidator’s opinion of their conduct overall

4.22 – Notice to Creditors of Meeting of Creditors

This document must be sent to all company creditors to give notice of a creditors’ meeting to be held in voluntary liquidation proceedings. This notice must inform creditors of the time, date and place of the meeting and be placed by the company directors at least seven days before it takes place.

4.27 – Certificate of Appointment of Liquidator by Meeting

This form that should be completed by the company’s directors to give notice that one or more liquidators have been appointed to wind up the company’s affairs. If two or more liquidators are to be appointed then Form 4.28 should be completed instead.

4.48 – Certificate of Constitution of Liquidation Committee

Form 4.48 is used by the liquidator to certify the formation of a liquidation committee. If there is any change to the liquidation committee, then Form 4.49 should be used.

600a – Notice of Appointment of Liquidator

Form 600a gives notice of the appointment of a liquidator in a voluntary winding up for insertion in the Gazette.

4.68 – Liquidator’s Progress Report

This form is used to give notice to Companies House of the liquidator’s progress report, which includes a statement of receipts and the payments made.

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