Company Debt is frequently appointed by creditor groups that are seeking proactive and approachable insolvency practitioner professionals who will work tirelessly to achieve the most favourable outcomes on your behalf.

How We Work with Creditors

Support from start to finish
Help you navigate the rules & procedures surrounding insolvency
Maximise your financial recovery

In Partnership With Creditors

If you are considering a voluntary or compulsory winding-up and would like an informal discussion to find out more of our services, then get in touch. We know that you are likely to have experienced many months of frustration in attempting to gain payment, whether through earlier court measures and issuing Statutory Demands,  and that you now want a prompt and effective resolution. 

We also know that the insolvency process can be complex and filled with technicalities and jargon – this is why you will find the insolvency practitioners at Company Debt are available to answer your questions and we always ensure that our creditor groups are kept fully up to date. 

We invite you to meet our team at Company Debt prior to starting liquidation proceedings for an information discussion.

Replacing an Existing Insolvency Practitioner

If the Official Receiver is currently overseeing the winding up of a business, they can be replaced, subject to a creditors’ meeting vote, with an insolvency practitioner from Company Debt.

Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied with the approach and performance of an insolvency practitioner from another firm, you may also be able to bring Company Debt on board as a replacement.

Our team is on hand to discuss the needs of your creditor group and to provide you with guidance and support.