Director, IT Infrastructure, Surrey

“I’ve just had the pleasure of a brief but very useful free live support chat with Mike Smith, from your Horsham office I believe.

As a first time LTD company Director it’s difficult to get unbiased winding up advice.
I was actually dumbfounded at the sheer quantity when receiving the mountains of vulture like unsolicited mail offering winding up help after a petition.
I even had harassment level phone calls from one company which must have bordered on being illegal! – probably not surprising to hear for you in the business.

Sadly my company owes such a relatively little amount to HMRC only that it was never going to make any insolvency professional such as yourselves much money – probably no more ever than a teeny fee to be at a hearing – which I’ve attended myself. However, I now have such a very good impression of your company that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others and I would definitely appoint you if ever I was to need help again.”

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