“We all use the web to search for all manner of things – type in a question to Google – can Google guide me? What would we do without Google?! So one Saturday morning I type in HMRC visit – threaten winding up order. Various options come up.

I contacted Mike this Saturday morning feeling pretty down; we had been struggling with HMRC debts for over a year, trying to do our best – keep in touch with them – paying them when possible. The day before though a Lady from HMRC turned up on my doorstep to give me 14 days to pay in full or she would wind the company up. From the first contact with Mike – and yes on a Saturday morning he returned my call, I gave him a brief outline of the situation I had got in, and from that moment he took charge.

I do not know how many people he is guiding at any one time, but you do not feel as if you are a burden, he keeps on top of what to do, and here I am now some five weeks later moving forward from this situation. So to Mike and Tammi, thank you for doing precisely what all of these testimonials say – a great job.”