“Our limited company had started to have financial difficulties so I decided to contact professionals to help me deal with the issues at that time. I had been put onto Mike Smith who has been excellent support from day one.

I have been advised about rescue solutions for our company which I did look into. Unfortunately, our business is seasonal, and after few months our situation started to be critical, and after consulting with Mike, we have decided to liquidate the company. Mike has advised me in detail about the process and helped me to get in touch with liquidators and insolvency practitioners who have been taking over all important stuff.

As this was my first director experience, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was under extreme pressure. Mike and everyone who has been involved has given invaluable support, and without their help, this process would have been an absolute nightmare.

If you ever get into a similar situation, I highly recommend getting in touch with Company Debt who will guide you through the “scary” but simple process and help to take a lot of pressure off Directors’ shoulders.”