Director, Fashion Retailer, West Sussex

“When I started my retail business in 2008, I felt sure that I had the right stock, philosophy and atmosphere in the shops to be relatively recession-proof and an exciting first year of trade confirmed this. However, as 2011 arrived and one shop had become three, I found that despite every effort, things were taking a turn for the worst and finances were getting tight.

Having exhausted my personal understanding of where to turn next, I searched the Internet as a last resort for professional advice regarding my business and the difficulties I was facing. It was the straight-forward, no-nonsense advice so readily available on the Jameson Smith & Co website that gave me confidence in this company’s abilities to help me recover from the sticky situation I’d found myself in. Having read through the testimonials from other clients I was assured in my need to talk to Mike Smith.

From our initial meeting to now I have felt reassured by Mike and his team and I feel I can always call him with a problem should one arise. I am hugely grateful for the clear advice and friendly support I have received from Jameson Smith & Co in getting me back on my feet and I am confident that if I hadn’t turned to them when I did, my business wouldn’t be steadily recovering like it is today.”

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