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We can help you with company debt.

Running a business can be a challenging time for anyone. Yet if you are under pressure and burdened with business debt, you may find it even more difficult to decide on a clear path to get out of your situation fast. We have helped hundreds of company directors with our excellent debt advisory service. Our number one priority is protecting you with due care from creditors, and whether it be personal guarantee issues, cash-flow problems, overdrawn directors' loan accounts or company liquidation - we are here to help you with our free company debt advice.

Business debt advice.

It’s true that almost all businesses experience cash-flow problems at some stage – however, problems paying bills on time can be one of the first warning signs of insolvency. If you have been considering your options for some time and now wish to do something about your situation, our debt advisory consultants are perfectly placed to provide you with free insolvency advice. It costs you nothing to talk with us and we’ll provide you with potential solutions for you and your business. Whilst we must consider the creditors, our number one priority is always to protect you, the company director. With our debt advisory service you will be guided & supported throughout the entire process from start to finish.

A debt advisory service you can trust.

We understand that it’s not easy to discuss sensitive business matters, which makes it all the more difficult to know which debt company you can trust. We pride ourselves on the supportive and understanding business debt advice that we provide to all our clients. Our debt advisory consultants are not only here to provide you with successful business debt solutions to get your company’s finances in order – we’re also a non-judgemental and friendly debt advice company who are here to support you through a difficult time. You can be rest assured that our debt advisory team are here for you every step of the way.

Liquidation & winding up petition support.

In some cases, all the company debt advice in the world won’t save you – instead, sometimes the best option available is to put your company into liquidation. If you have exhausted every other avenue, we can put your company into liquidation for you and you can rest-easy knowing that it’s all being taken care of by our expert debt advisory consultants. Our business debt advice is confidential and the situation will be handled sensitively. Many of the directors we’ve assisted through the liquidation process have said that putting their company into liquidation was the best decision they’ve made.

What makes us a leading debt help company?

What is the Jameson Smith & Co difference? Our number one priority is protecting you and your personal assets; while we have due care for the creditors, we nevertheless place you at centre stage. We believe that the quality of our company debt advice is some of the very best within the debt advisory industry. But don't take our word for it - read some of our testimonials from people in similar situations to yourself. Some of our previous clients have even offered to talk to new prospective clients to further testify to the quality and ethos of our service.

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Free Helpline for Directors in Need of Company Debt Solutions – Company Rescue, Voluntary Liquidation and Insolvency Advice

‘Company Debt’ is a trading name of Jameson Smith & Co – We help UK directors with company debt concerns every day and provide some of the very best solutions available to help manage your business debt problems, effectively.

Our experienced team of professionals have been advising businesses for many years and look forward to being able to help put the fears of business debt behind you. We provide free company debt advice and can often give you a holistic strategy to help address you company’s situation after the initial phone call or meeting; completely free of charge.

We can help when considering company rescue and voluntary liquidation options and offer free insolvency advice.

If business debts are not managed in a timely fashion, a director could be faced with quite serious threats to wind up a company from creditors such as HMRC. It is best to act promptly in order to prevent these types of situations progressing further and this is where we can help. Jameson Smith & Co specialise in providing solutions for directors that may be handling circumstances which include substantial tax debts, like VAT.

The good news is that something can be done…

Depending on your situation; you may want to consider some of the following insolvency solutions:

  • Company Voluntary ArrangementTo possibly renegotiate the debt amount within a formal payment plan of up to five years in length.
  • Company AdministrationFor a viable business that wishes to keep trading whilst a future strategy is made; without affecting staff.
  • Voluntary LiquidationFind out what liquidation options are available to you quickly if your company needs to close.
  • Winding Up PetitionAdvice and solutions for directors, whose company may have received a winding up petition.
  • HMRC Tax Advice – Help with significant tax debts such as VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE.

Knowing who you can trust when you need business debt advice can be challenging. At Jameson Smith & Co we pride ourselves on being one of the very best debt solution companies in the UK, providing you with reliable and trustworthy support through challenging times.

Directors will often feel stressed and may not like the fact that they are having to seek business debt advice and we understand this all too well. Take the time to read some of our testimonials from happy customers who have benefitted from some of our services. All of our testimonials can be authenticated on request and have been written by directors and business owners just like you.

So if you are in any doubt about what to do about your company’s financial problems, give us a call on 08000 746 757 and take advantage of our free debt advisory service.

If you would like to have a confidential chat with one of our experts directly then please call Mike on 07912 344 394.

Company Debt


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Company Debt

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