“The bank has refused to extend our overdraft and we are unsure about what we can do next. Are there any alternative finance options that we could consider, or company insolvency advice that you can provide?”

Additional Support Services

We are passionate about providing you with support where it is needed and that support can come in many forms, from assisting in raising alternative finance to negotiating personal guarantees with the banks, we can provide a no-nonsense, swift insolvency solution to resolve your company debt concerns. We can also provide generic information on Trust Deed’s in Scotland or even refer you through to accountancy firms to help reduce your overheads as part of our extensive support services.

As a director, you may need to raise cash fast and there are usually several alternatives to just putting your own money into the company. Jameson Smith & Co provides a range of support services to distressed directors like you that can often help raise cash quickly whether through the sale or refinancing of existing company assets, or a one off invoice. We can usually help you with this or point you in the right direction. 

Director disputes happen – it’s a fact of life and when they do they can have a devastating impact on the company and everyone concerned. Quite often an independent, impartial opinion can resolve the matter, however, if a more specialist legal response is required where do you turn? Well we can usually help by offering quality, professional support. 
Your company may have been hit by a winding up petition
We can often help resolve these issues by using some of the following services:

  • Specialist insolvency lawyers or barristers for disputing winding up petitions
  • HMRC time to pay arrangements are possible if you have a strong enough cash-flow
  • Around 25% of Director Disputes can be resolved within a matter of weeks by offering an independent view as to what a disputed closure may mean– we can provide that
  • Alternative financing can mean anything from the sale, or refinancing existing assets to a one off invoice, but we can often help

We help directors like you every day so do not hesitate to speak with one of the team if you have any questions call us to see how we can help your business on 08000 746 757 or email us at [email protected].

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