What is Compulsory Liquidation?

Find out what is involved in compulsory liquidation and how it affects your company and you as a director. This article covers the procedure as an overview.

Appealing Compulsory Liquidation

If you feel that the compulsory liquidation that is set against your company is wrong then you may want to appeal the process. Read more on this in this article on how to appeal against compulsory liquidation.

Co-Operation with the Official Receiver

If your company has been unfortunate enough to have compulsory liquidation thrust upon it there will be many questions coming out of this experience for you and one may be how handle the relationship with the Official Receiver.
Read more on how to co-operate with the Official Receiver in this article.

What’s a Directors' Disqualification Compensation Order?

Read more about a Director’s Disqualification Compensation Order in this article. The article includes how the compensation undertakings are carried-out, how much directors have to pay and more.