HMRC Bill Pay is part of the Government Gateway online payment system for paying tax bills by debit or credit card. As part of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital strategy, Bill Pay is hosted by Santander Corporate Banking and facilitates easy online payment of:

  • Self Assessment
  • Employers’ PAYE and National Insurance
  • VAT
  • Corporation Tax
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Income Tax (because you previously under-paid)
  • Miscellaneous payments (if your payment reference begins with ‘X’)

Problems with HMRC Bill Pay

At peak times such as the end of the tax year, HMRC will pay has been known to experience issues. These days, HMRC offers useful incident reporting at this link here, where you can check if any problems have been reported.

Is There a Charge for Using it?

There is no charge for using debit cards, although if you wish to use a credit card there is a non-refundable fee

Making More than one Debit or Credit Card Payment

there is a limit on the number of times users can pay via bill pay using the same card. Their guidance is slightly unclear about what that limit is, suggesting that it ‘depends on HMRC’s view of what’s reasonable based on payment card industry standards and guidance.’ Where users find that Bill pay isn’t working for them, bank transfer remains a perfectly acceptable means of paying HMRC.

Bill Pay to be Phased out

Over the last few years, HM has been phasing out Bill Pay in favour of a new online payment system for self-assessment and VAT in conjunction with world pay. This is currently in beta and will eventually replace Bill Pay entirely.

Having Trouble Making a Payment to HMRC?

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