HMRC’s digital transformation, which they refer to as ‘Making Tax Digital’, is a massive undertaking which will likely take until 2020 to complete.

As part of the first phase of that, HMRC has started to create a range of digital products designed to support taxpayers. Amongst these are webinars, essentially live video presentations by HMRC experts, in which taxpayers are encouraged to submit any questions they may have about working compliantly.

How do I sign up for Webinars?

HMRC’s webinar page offers links to the latest webinar schedule. The page is broken down into subject matter so you’ll find webinars on self-assessment, employment, Construction Industry Schemes, money laundering and VAT.

How long do Webinars last?

The time varies but they are usually an hour. You must register at least five minutes before the start time and, for registered users, you can watch these after their transmission at any time stop.

If you are Facing Penalties or tax Problems, Webinars may not help

Despite HMRC’s laudable attempts to provide a better standard of customer service via these webinars, there are certain situations where you will need professional advice, and possibly mediation with HMRC on your behalf. If you’re struggling with unpaid taxes, or your company fails the Insolvency Test, it would be wise to take professional advice immediately before your situation escalates. Call us now on 08000 746 757, we’re here to help.

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