If you want to register for online services from HMRC, you will need to register on the Government Gateway. This is a big part of the strategy known as ‘joined up government’ by which the government aims to facilitate easier communication between the public and government departments from a single point of entry.


You can register as an:

  •         Individual
  •         Organisation
  •         Agent

What Services can you Register for?

The Government Gateway is a portal used by many governmental departments but you can click here for the list of HMRC Online Services. These include:

  •         Self Assessment
  •         PAYE for Employers
  •         VAT
  •         Corporation Tax
  •         Stamp Taxes
  •         Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

What can you use the Government Gateway for?

Its principle use is for submitting online forms to government departments, including tax returns. You can enrol for additional services, and assign an agent to act on your behalf.

Organisations can add designated users within their organisation, with various levels of permission. ‘Assistants’ is the term the government users for employees with limited access to the Gateway but who can submit forms online for their employers.

How Secure is the Government Gateway?

The government has taken pains to ensure robust security measures which include secure connections (SSL), encryption of data, the use of digital certificates and User Id’s. For more details on the Government Gateway privacy policy, click here.

Can we help?

If you’re having trouble paying HMRC, either via late Corporation Tax, VAT arrears, or threatening correspondence, please contact us for free confidential advice on 08000 746 757 . We’re on of the UK’s most experienced meditators with HMRC.