Insolvency notices are the formal publication of certain insolvency events, and a legal requirement of the Insolvency Act and the Insolvency Rules 1986. They are published in the London Gazette, which has a strong claim to be Britain’s oldest newspaper.

Insolvency notices are intended to act as a warning for the public about a business’s instability and to inform creditors of relevant contact details and forthcoming meetings. They will always contain relevant contact details for the Insolvency practitioners working on the case.

What is the London Gazette?

The Gazette is one of the official journals of public record of the British government, dating back to the 17th century. Although it is still printed, most people now access it via its website, which lists commissions in the Armed Forces, Appointments to Public Office and other notices, in addition to insolvency events.

Since its inception, The Gazette has been closed allied with insolvency, however, so that the phrase ‘being gazetted’ is used by some as a synonym for having notice of bankruptcy published.

Which Insolvency Notices must be published?


  • Administration orders
  • Appointment of administrators
  • Deemed Consent (Administration)
  • Meetings of creditors
  • Notices to members

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation

  • Annual liquidation meetings
  • Appointment of liquidators
  • Deemed Consent (CVL)
  • Final meetings
  • Meetings of creditors
  • Notices to creditors
  • Resolution for winding-up

Insolvency Practitioner Applications

Liquidation by the Court

  • Annual meeting
  • Appointment of Liquidators
  • Deemed Consent (Winding Up by the Court)
  • Dismissal of winding-up petition
  • Final meetings
  • Meetings of creditors
  • Notice of Dividends
  • Notice of Intended Dividends
  • Notices to creditors
  • Petitions to wind-up
  • Public examinations
  • Release of liquidator
  • Service of petition
  • Winding Up Orders

Members Voluntary Liquidation

  • Annual liquidation meetings
  • Appointment of Liquidators
  • Final meetings
  • Notices to creditors
  • Resolution for voluntary winding-up


Notices of Dividends

Other corporate insolvency notices

(i.e., Notice of Liquidator’s delivery of final accounts before being released from office)

Overseas territories & cross-border insolvencies

Qualifying decision procedure

Re-use of a prohibited name


  • Appointment of administrative receivers
  • Appointment of receivers
  • Deemed Consent (Administrative Receivership)
  • Meetings of creditors