Laundry and dry cleaning businesses are a stalwart of the high street, but it has to be asked, but for how much longer? As businesses are expected to pay their way again, meeting rent and business rate charges, in addition to tax bills, the future looks bleak for some.

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Laundry and Dry Cleaning Pressure Points

Insolvency Laundry

What are the Reasons for Laundry and Dry Cleaning Insolvency?

For various reasons, laundry services are being used less. Homeworking is a big factor, few need to have their clothes professionally pressed and cleaned if they only see people via Zoom.

It’s said that a hotel with 100 bedrooms will use around 750 linen items daily – this goes to show how devastating the pandemic has been for a laundry supplier.

The sector is also dealing with disruptors – there has been a large rise of app-based services, where laundry and dry cleaning is collected and delivered. Those businesses that do not offer the facility and fail to build strong social media connections,  will start to look outdated. There may also be demand for more environmentally friendly services and businesses may well need to refresh and modernise their approach. Instead of waiting for walk-in customers, new markets such as students or ‘staycationing’ holidaymakers may be sources of business.

There could also be a staffing issue. Many laundry and dry cleaners will have furloughed people, now they need to look at whether the jobs remain ad if there needs to be a switch to more drivers, for example. Some employees may also have returned to the EU and there could be problems in finding people who want to work in this sector, as well as the impact of the minimum wage.

Help for your insolvent laundry and dry cleaning business

If your laundry and dry cleaning business is experiencing difficulties, you should not delay seeking advice. Business owners need to address problems and if they put this off, then their options become more limited.

Company Debt provides expert support and advice on the next steps for an insolvent business, whether rescue, recovery, or liquidation.

Insolvency Dry Cleaning

Rescue, Recovery, and Closure Options for Laundry and Dry Cleaning Providers

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