Although a charity may have a different structure to a business, it can still become insolvent. In fact, many may actually experience or be close to this on occasion but are then buoyed up again by donations. Equally, if directors and trustees act improperly, they can face investigation for wrongful trading or fraud if they have failed to protect creditors’ interests knowing the charity was insolvent.

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Charity & Non-Profit Sector Pressure Points

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Insolvency Options for Charities

Rescue solutions for insolvent charities include restructuring, merging with another charity, or a structured repayment plan with creditors (company voluntary arrangement).

Alternatively the charity could be closed via liquidation, or dissolution.

A key concern for directors of charitable instutions at the point of insolvency is that of maximising creditors interests. Just as with limited companies, directors who’ve been found to have prioritised other interests over creditors could find themselves charged with wrongful trading, transactions at undervalue, fraud or breach of trust.

While specific leeway was given to charities under the The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 , these have now come to an end.

Directors and trustees of charities should seek appropriate expert advice as early as possible during a potential insolvency.

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Rescue, Recovery, and Closure Options for the Charity and Non Profit Sector

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