“Thank you for doing precisely what all of these testimonials say – a great job…”

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“We all use the web to search for all manner of things – type in a question to Google – can Google guide me? What would we do without Google?! So one Saturday morning I type in HMRC visit – threaten winding up order. Various options come up.

I contacted Mike this Saturday morning feeling pretty down; we had been struggling with HMRC debts for over a year, trying to do our best – keep in touch with them – paying them when possible. The day before though a Lady from HMRC turned up on my doorstep to give me 14 days to pay in full or she would wind the company up. From the first contact with Mike – and yes on a Saturday morning he returned my call, I gave him a brief outline of the situation I had got in, and from that moment he took charge.

I do not know how many people he is guiding at any one time, but you do not feel as if you are a burden, he keeps on top of what to do, and here I am now some five weeks later moving forward from this situation. So to Mike and Tammi, thank you for doing precisely what all of these testimonials say – a great job.”

“One in a million!..”

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“Mike is one in a million! From our very first telephone conversation, he put my mind at rest, and I have not looked back. My worries, sleepless nights and feelings of anxiety soon began to fade.

Mike and his team are patient, efficient and professional, it was very quickly and quite plainly evident that he understood my complicated situation and was able to present me with all my possible options then guide me through them step by step.

A great communicator providing an excellent service who I would most highly recommend!”

“Fantastic from the first call…”

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“Sound, professional and timely advice for anyone who is having difficulties meeting creditor demands.

As a former high street store owner my financial situation soon clouded my business leadership, Mike and his team were fantastic from the first call and manage the liquidation of my company to the highest of standards.”

“A personal touch so you’ve got someone you can rely on…”

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“I had got myself into a situation where I couldn’t repay my debts personal and company and was having my vans repossessed; electricity turned off at my business workplace when I received a letter from Mike.

Up until then I just didn’t respond to letters and hid the facts from my wife as my home was at risk because of a personal guarantee. I called him, and he has been a great help in providing guidance and negotiating with my Creditors giving me a breathing space. We’ve got rid of the PG problem, but more than that he provides a personal touch so you’ve got someone you can rely on and who knows what he’s doing and I am getting on top of things.

My confidence and work have both picked up together, and I am currently negotiating with potential investors, and Mike is advising me there too. Mike has been brilliant, just give him a call.”

“Within one phone call, I was put at ease…”

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“When you are running your own business, there are lots of stresses, but when your business is struggling, and you know you need to close it, the stress and worry are unbelievable.

I was in this position and did not know who to turn to. Then I found Company Debt on the web, and within one phone call, I was put at ease. It was the hardest time of my life, and Mike and his team helped me through it all the way.

It doesn’t cost anything for a phone call, but aid and advice were priceless to me.”

“After a 10 minute conversation… my fears were immediately put to rest…”

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“My company was in severe financial trouble, and having made the decision that it could not be rectified, I needed help. I had never been in this situation before, was under a massive amount of stress, and didn’t know which way to turn.

After a 10 minute conversation with Mike from Company Debt, my fears were immediately put to rest. Mike explained the procedures, and helped me through the entire process in a highly professional manner, even helping with my personal financial position.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Company Debt to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”