The arts have been among the worst affected by the pandemic.

Some 70% of those working in creative industries were furloughed and more than double the number of businesses in the sector have a severe to moderate risk of insolvency compared to other industries.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics showed that 23% of the sector, which includes theatres and venues, are reporting the risk compared to 11% across the wider economy.

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Entertainment Pressure Points

Insolvency Entertainment

What are the Reasons for Entertainment Insolvency?

Cinemas and theatres were slower to open up after lockdowns and they also had reduced earnings because it was not possible to sell tickets for full capacity. Employers also needed to contribute to the furlough scheme and it is expected there will be widespread redundancies.

Insolvencies are also happening with increasing regularity and  theatres in Leicester, Southampton and Southport have all recently collapsed. It remains to be seen if newly opened cinemas will attract capacity audiences now they are reopened, as some are still anxious about visiting indoor attractions, what is more, few new films have been released. All operators from the smallest independent to large chains are understood to be under extreme pressure. Cinemas and theatres were largely closed during 2020 because social distancing rules made it impossible to trade.

Help for your Insolvent Entertainment Business

If your entertainment business is experiencing difficulties, you should not delay seeking advice. Business owners need to address problems and if they put this off, then their options become more limited.

Company Debt provides expert support and advice on the next steps for an insolvent business, whether rescue, recovery, or liquidation.

Insolvency Entertainment

Rescue, Recovery, and Closure Options for the Entertainment Sector

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