The events sector has been brought to its knees by the pandemic. Whether exhibitions, conferences, festivals, or weddings, to name but a few, these are desperate times, and not only for the organizers, suppliers are also badly impacted.

These suppliers could include marquee providers, lighting and sound companies, and security firms.

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Event Management Pressure Points

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What are the Reasons for Events Management Insolvency?

One survey (from online events platform Feast It) said that more than half of the UK’s events companies were expecting to fold – there are also expected to be widespread redundancies as furlough ends. Although the events sector has transitioned to offer virtual events, this has resulted in far lower earnings. Looking ahead, virtual events are set to become even more widely used, specifically through the use of studio and highly professional production teams, but this will not be an option for all events management companies – there will be winners and losers.

While there is a demand to attend festivals, for example, not all are comfortable with indoor gatherings and this has affected confidence. So, bookings are down in areas like team building, as many employees still prefer to work remotely and companies are also less likely to want to send people to conferences in person.

There is uncertainty and some fears that vaccination is not offering full protection. An example was following the G7 in Cornwall, a Covid-19 spike followed – even though it was claimed the event was not connected to this.

Further, even though restrictions on numbers are being lifted, many events companies are also now struggling under large debt burdens and this has led to rising insolvencies.

Help for your Events Management Business

If your events management business is experiencing difficulties, you should not delay seeking advice. Business owners need to address problems and if they put this off, then their options become more limited.

Company Debt provides expert support and advice on the next steps for an insolvent business, whether rescue, recovery, or liquidation.

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Rescue, Recovery, and Closure Options for Event Management Businesses

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