“The most incredible and professional people that I have dealt with…”

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The Company Debt team have been the most incredible and professional people that I have dealt with. It all happened after a night out when I found a Personal Liability Notice on my door step, I was devastated my business had major financial problems, I lost millions and I drained all my money, and frankly my mind was all over the place for debts and collectors that I simply couldn’t face. It really felt like there was no way out and I was basically a finished man.

Having paid lawyers, accountants and other organisations to help me, there was nothing they could do, nobody was willing to help and, out of desperation I called and left a message at about 1am.

Out of my surprise I have received a phone call back the next morning, I was doubtful as many have taken my money and said goodbye, but this time  it was different, Company Debt not only helped me to talk to the toughest HMRC department but also refereed me to a number of professionals who have helped me and contribute to sort out my situation, the best thing was that they were there for me, answering every text or phone call, support you and of course dealing with the problem and when you are in the situation that I was believe me the only thing you want is people who still see the good in you, I tried again and in one month I have rebuild my business because my confidence was back.

I cannot thank enough Company Debt and all the people who helped me.

A reference is not enough to express my satisfaction the only thing I would say is:

100% best service ever

“Excellent support from day one…”

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“Our limited company had started to have financial difficulties so I decided to contact professionals to help me deal with the issues at that time. I had been put onto Mike Smith who has been excellent support from day one.

I have been advised about rescue solutions for our company which I did look into. Unfortunately, our business is seasonal, and after few months our situation started to be critical, and after consulting with Mike, we have decided to liquidate the company. Mike has advised me in detail about the process and helped me to get in touch with liquidators and insolvency practitioners who have been taking over all important stuff.

As this was my first director experience, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was under extreme pressure. Mike and everyone who has been involved has given invaluable support, and without their help, this process would have been an absolute nightmare.

If you ever get into a similar situation, I highly recommend getting in touch with Company Debt who will guide you through the “scary” but simple process and help to take a lot of pressure off Directors’ shoulders.”

“This is a genuine recommendation…”

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“We had an unpaid VAT bill of £45K which was keeping us awake at night. With Mike’s help and direction, we negotiated a repayment schedule with HMRC. I would, however, advise any person/company seeking advice, that you be prepared to be able to produce facts and figures and to simply ‘just get on with it’ and do it.

Burying your head in the sand will not make HMRC go away. If you can demonstrate a genuine will to be given a ‘breathing space’, then give Mike a call. Every business has its ‘moments’, and we were no different. This is a genuine recommendation.

Thanks, Mike and all his team at Company Debt.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Company Debt to any businesses”

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“Due to the Economic downturn, I found my business in a struggle to survive. From the initial contact with Mike Smith, Company Debt provided a professional service giving a high level understanding of the level of the problem and the options available to resolve them.

The advice given was always very professional and personal. Company Debt made difficult decisions easier due to the level of understanding provided.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Company Debt to any businesses in the same position.”

“The best decision I ever made was to contact Mike…”

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“The prospect of liquidation was the most worrying and stressful situation I had ever found myself in. The best decision I ever made was to contact Mike. Almost immediately he was able to lighten the load. He handled everything, took care of creditors and put me in the hands of an excellent liquidator. Throughout the whole process Mike was always on hand, responding promptly to any messages or call I made. His reassurance was a great comfort as he guided me through the process which became almost effortless and painless. I am still astonished at the high level of service he provided for what was in my opinion a nominal fee. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mike to anyone, unfortunate enough to require his help.”

“I am hugely grateful for the clear advice and friendly support I have received…”

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“When I started my retail business in 2008, I felt sure that I had the right stock, philosophy and atmosphere in the shops to be relatively recession-proof and an exciting first year of trade confirmed this. However, as 2011 arrived and one shop had become three, I found that despite every effort, things were taking a turn for the worst and finances were getting tight.

Having exhausted my personal understanding of where to turn next, I searched the Internet as a last resort for professional advice regarding my business and the difficulties I was facing. It was the straight-forward, no-nonsense advice so readily available on the Company Debt website that gave me confidence in this company’s abilities to help me recover from the sticky situation I’d found myself in. Having read through the testimonials from other clients I was assured in my need to talk to Mike Smith.

From our initial meeting to now I have felt reassured by Mike and his team and I feel I can always call him with a problem should one arise. I am hugely grateful for the clear advice and friendly support I have received from Company Debt in getting me back on my feet and I am confident that if I hadn’t turned to them when I did, my business wouldn’t be steadily recovering like it is today.”